How to Fix It

"What can I do to help?" - Bo Burnham

How to clean up pickering's city hall

Business and Residents in Pickering shouldn't feel like they have to donate to City Council to get a fair shake. You need a level, transparent playing field which Pickering currently does not have.

  1. The City of Pickering needs a Lobbying Registry. Regardless of what Ashe - who receives almost all of his campaign donations from firms lobbying him says, it does.

  2. For the next Municipal Election, City Councilors should commit that they will not receive donations from individuals related to development interests.

  3. Eligible voters in Pickering should tell their Councilors to support a lobbying registry.

  4. Donations should not be allowed from businesses with contractual relationships with the City of Pickering where City Councilors have decision making authority over those contracts.